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What's the 

Weddings can be one of the most unique events you put together in your lifetime.  The options are limitless.

This is the same for your choice in flowers too.  


The choices you make regarding your floral arrangements can range in size, number, type of flower, design, delivery & setup, and all of these things make a difference in price point. That's why all events are priced individually. I work to bring your vision to life, while staying on-budget and maximizing every dollar. 

Keep in mind, we have worked with brides across the board when it comes to budgets, so once you fill in an inquiry form, I can give you a realistic assessment regarding the budget and your overall vision. 


What's a 


Consultations are the first step in me getting to know you and the vision you have for your event. Our first step is the phone consultation, they are done by appointment, and they are the perfect starting point for us to open up a conversation. 


This first appointment is important for us to start an open dialogue and it's prime time for you to unload all your ideas- colors, flowers, style, all of it- or on the other hand, it can be where you talk about being unsure of all the choices .


Whether you've crafted the perfect Pinterest vision or you are still trying to figure out colors, it's all fine! I can help you begin the process and start narrowing down what you like... and what you don't.


After our first consultation, I will draw up a preliminary proposal for you, and we move on to contracts and deposits from there. 


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