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The holidays are over, now what?!?!?

The winter holidays are behind us, a new year has begun and we are either working our New Year’s resolutions or we are patting our selves on the back for not making any this year. As we sit in this “in-between” time of year, that is not quite spring but not quite a winter wonderland ( at least in Southern California, sorry East Coast friends) what if you started planning your spring planting? Last weekend I took my official person that digs in the dirt (my husband) to his favorite happy place, our local home improvement store, and loaded up on my favorite bulbs. I grabbed a plethora of Dahlias, #dahlia, in pinks, whites and reds. Some are dinner plate size, (my favorite size, Cafe au Lait is a popular dinner plate size dahlia )#cafeaulait, others not quite that big but still spectacular. There are over 30 different types of Dahlia and so many colors to chose from you are guaranteed to find one that will become a favorite. So maybe if you are like me and you are enjoying this “in-between” time of year take a look at your local garden center and see what a they have that inspires you to create your perfect garden.


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